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Hello Deers! It's Bodhi checking in a long way the sunny Gold Coast I call home. I'm lucky enough to be enjoying some down-time away from DEER ME! Face & Body Art with a Rocky Mountain ski trip smack bang Vail, Colorado. And WOW, I just couldn't resist sharing with you some photos from my little "Deer Hunt." I spent an afternoon wandering the cobbled streets of Vail shooting all the deers I could find... with my camera, of course. This town is deer crazy. I love it! .... also really wishing I brought my mini face painting kit with me as am feeling very inspired :)

Mounted antlers with pine cones, fairy lights and fluffy snow... did you know that deers shed their antlers annually?

A beautiful bronze deer sculpture in a hidden corner.

Deers seem to be the proud totem for many lodges and businesses in this bustling little mountain town.

Deers for decoration and deers for tshirt designs.

Even deers at the carpark.

And... hang on... a moose? Yep! Apparently moose are part of the deer family (along with elk and caribou).

I must admit, all of these deer are making me very homesick to be back painting up a storm for DEER ME! Face & Body Art. I'm looking forward to coming home soon... but in the meantime, Tegan Deer is still rockin' it at DEER ME! HQ and ready to attend to all of you face painting and body art bookings and enquiries!


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