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Updated: Feb 2, 2018


The cosmetic grade face paint we use at DEER ME! Face & Body Art for all our face painting and body art is actually a highly pigmented, water activated make-up.

Using just water, or a baby wipe alone tends to just push the face paint around your skin and into your pores rather than remove it quickly.

Baby wipes themselves are not designed to be used on the delicate skin on our face, especially around our eyes. In fact, most adverse "reactions" to face paint, discovered after it's removal, are actually caused by the common irritants found in baby wipes! Those wipes are also pretty bad for the environment.... ever heard of a fatberg?

So, for a baby wipe free, no mess, no stain solution, we have found the following method works best...

1. Lather up the corner of a wet cloth with soap

2. Rub a small section of your artwork in a circular motion - this will transfer the paint from your skin to the lather (instead of just pushing it around)

3. For each new section, use a freshly lathered part of your cloth and continue working in small sections at a time.

4. Be careful to circle away from your eyes!

5. Once the majority of paint is transferred to your cloth, go ahead a finish with a soapy, warm water rinse.

6. Even after proper removal, certain colours can sometimes leave a temporary stain on the skin (reds and greens usually). To help remove this, simply apply some coconut or olive oil to a cotton bud and gently rub the stain in circular motions to help lift the colour.

... Voila! Fresh and clean for your next masterpiece!


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